Monday, April 6, 2015

Wednesday April 8th for AGM

The AGMs for the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island and for the Churchill Foundation Vancouver Island will be held Wednesday April 8, 2015 starting at 6 pm.

Location: University Club, University of Victoria.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Executive Director Moves on

                                              Dear Churchill Admirers,

I have been volunteering with the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island and the Churchill Foundation Vancouver Island for about a decade - the last four years as the Executive Director of the Churchill Foundation of Vancouver Island!

It has been lots of fun but it is time for me to move on!

Please consider if this might be your time to step forward and keep the candle burning for the Greatest man of the 20th Century!


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tree Ceremony Sunday January 25, 2015

For the 50th Anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill come to Beacon Hill Park and celebrate his legacy.

Join Les Leyne, Chris Gainor and friends and admirers of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island
2 pm, Sunday January 25 
Mayor's Grove, Beacon Hill Park
Join us and raise a glass to Mr. Churchill - the greatest man of the 20th Century.

Watch Turing Codebreaker Movie with Olive Bailey

6:30 Monday Jan 12, 2015  CODEBREAKER 

Join Movie Monday at the Eric Martin Theatre (corner of Fort and Lee Streets in Victoria) to watch the Codebreaker movie with our own Olive Bailey who was actually at Bletchley Park and remembers Alan Turing!

This drama-documentary explores the genius and weakness of Britain most famous codebreaker, whose team was responsible for unraveling the enigma code, so vital to the allies’ success in WWII. He is revered as a pioneer of computer science – and the subject of a new film dramatic film The Imitation Game.
This screenplay hinges around psychiatric appointments, a particularly interesting angle for us to watch in the MM Theatre.  62min 2011 Pg13

Olive Bailey is a favourite at the Churchill Foundation of Vancouver Island and has wowed many a crowd for the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island's speakers bureau with her stories of her work at Bletchley Park.

Take a moment to read the true story of Andrew Bailey's grandmother Olive Bailey's service as a codebreaker for MI5 and the Allies at Bletchley Park in World War II.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Churchill in North America, 1929

Dear Board of Directors:
You and the members of your Churchill Society might be interested in the new blog on Winston Churchill that I recently started. In addition to the blog posts, the site includes a WSC timeline, WSC photographs, and a bibliography.

The blog is at

I would welcome any comments or feedback the members of your society may have on the blog. Feel free to pass along the URL for the blog to anyone who may find it interesting.

The members of your society might also be interested in my new book, Churchill in North America, 1929: A Three Month Tour of Canada and the United States published by McFarland.
The book includes a chapter on his visit to British Columbia, which included stops at Victoria and Vancouver. In B.C., among other activities, Churchill delivered speeches to enthusiastic audiences, opened the provincial exhibition in New Westminster, inspected the naval station at Esquimalt, toured a logging camp, and went fishing from a yacht off of Vancouver Island.

More information on the book can be found at:

Best regards,

Brad Tolppanen

Bradley P. Tolppanen
History Librarian
Eastern Illinois University